Kumashiro Reading Response

Often in our own lives we can find ourselves saying “oh, thats just common sense” as if how did that person not know that. Kumashiro defines common sense as if it is “something everyone should know.” When Kumashiro moved to Nepal to teach in a school things were not like America, such as “ [he] was accustomed to eating a breakfast, lunch and dinner but learned that only two meals were served in the shops” and this was plain common sense to the people of Nepal. Ultimately, Kumashiro explains that it is crucial to pay attention to common sense as this can be oppressive to others. Many times as a society and school we “find comfort in what is considered to be common sense” and are uneasy to take a step back and carefully consider what common sense may mean to other people. Instead common sense needs to be challenged in our schools. Too often we place a standard on what is suppose to happen in schools we and are too afraid to try new things or introduce ideas outside of the norm. I know for myself many times I have found myself saying, “thats not what a traditional teacher would do” or “I need to be professional and teach in the way I have been told” because that is common sense. Instead Kumashiro explains “educators need to address their own desires and resistances to teaching and learning certain things, and refuse to place certainty in any one way of teaching and learning.

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